GOT A PLAN to rock your biz that doesn't involve guzzling coffee at 2 am?

You've done it.  You've reached #rockstarstatus.

Running your own business isn’t for the faint of heart (or anyone who loves sleep… ), but your biz has stood the test of time. And here you are, at a place of “success.”

Except… stress, the endless tasks, #allthethings.

I feel you.

It’s time to put down that third cup of coffee and start delegating.

Here at Eveline & Co., we’re all about giving you and your business the kickass strategy, consistent-as-a-train-in-Switzerland implementation, and pop-the-bubbly celebrations (pour me a glass while you’re at it?) that you need to skyrocket this thing… so you can finally ditch the overwhelm and LOVE this biz (and life!) of yours.

Our customized services are for influencers and online CEOs who need to reclaim some SERIOUS time and find get back to what they L-O-V-E to do.

(Because neck-deep in minutia? No thank you.)

We do.

Ready to get started?


Digital native to the business back-ends of influencers and online CEOs, Eveline is a born-and-raised Canadian, mama of two littles, and serious latte enthusiast.  Cash catalyst and streamlining sorceress, her expertise in maximizing efficiency, skyrocketing profitability, and effectively delegating tasks to her team of digital rockstars is what allows her clients to finally step away from their laptops and enjoy the life and business they have created. Eveline can be found rocking out to upbeat indie with a latte in hand, and tip-tapping away on her MacBook to skyrocket profitability for her clients (hello, CHA-CHING!)

See also: freedom enabler, systems sorceress, cash catalyst, toddler wrangler, profitability maven, #loverofhashtags

Eveline Traxler


Online Business Manager and Founder of Novus Collective – Courtney is a systems junkie and self-proclaimed queso aficionado who works with six-figure online business owners to align with their vision and strategize, manage, and execute the backend of their business giving them more time to focus on working “on their business” rather than “in their business”. Courtney is currently based in KCMO but works with businesses remotely from all over the world (Bali and Switzerland just to name a few!). When not behind the computer screen you can find her tracking down a new coffee shop, planning her next travel destination, or binge watching her new favorite TV series (Stranger Things, anyone?).

Courtney Davis


Cutting edge on all of the hottest new social trends, Ally is the expert on which ones are non-negotiable and which you can take or leave. Social-savvy marketer with over 15 years in the PR trenches, Ally has leveraged social to boost businesses all the way from mom and pop shops to multi-million dollar brands.

Ally Lazare


Lover of all things Kate Spade and a good glass of wine {oh, hello Moscato!}, Ashley has over 10 years of experience in customer relations and corporate communications.  From the financial industry to the medical field, Ashley is the ideal go-to for all of your client care needs.

Ashley Tate


Marie is a compulsive writer with an eye for detail (thanks to years of nonprofit grant writing) and the coveted ability to combine heart + logic. Her copy makes readers stop, drop, and read.  Marie believes your business copy should reflect your voice and values — and build relationships with strong leads. With over ten years of copywriting experience in a variety of sectors, her personality-driven copy is as strategic as it is persuasive.

Marie Parks


Co-owner of North Star Messaging and Strategy, Jessi is a self-professed word nerd whose copy packs a powerful, persuasive punch. She puts her years in marketing + education to work, empowering entrepreneurs to achieve big results.

Jessi Honard


Aaron boasts over 12 years of experience in web development and technical support — and he uses his skills to take the guesswork out of leveraging technology to boost the bottom line for our clients.

Aaron Carpenter


Tired of assembling funnels, the 24/7 angst of a launch, and pushing yourself WAY past the point of burnout… for a few measly sales? Have no fear, the Funnel Queen is here—and she actually LOVES launching {yes, really.) Her expertise in marketing, ad management, and launch strategy will replace your STRESS with SUCCESS.

Kate Boyd


MFA in creative writing and 10+ years experience crafting copy that connects AND converts prospects into clients who come back for more?
(Umm, yes please!)
Andrea and her wizardly wpm skills are at the ready to funnel more magic (and money) into your business, faster than you ever thought possible.

Andrea Stang


The analytical brains behind the big bucks, Heather is all about the numbers. Her zone of genius lies in nitty-gritty details, operations,  analytics and half-caf lattes. Board game nerd and (fun fact!) Registered Nurse, Heather is the team’s secret tracking-and-all-things-numbers-loving weapon.

Heather Traxler


No ho-hum, one-size-fits-all brands here! Emma digs deep, brings visions to life, and whips up beautiful, unique visuals in her design kitchen that truly encapsulate the heart and soul of your business (and you!).

Emma Weise



powerhouse team

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